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About Me

Baburam Bk

Founder of Trekking Time

I am Baburam Bk but you can call me BABU. I’m originally from Hapur-9 Dang which lies in west part of Nepal near Dolpa region, which is less than 400KM from Pokhara where I established my carrier. I spent my childhood in a small village and grew up with a poor family. I spent my childhood among different ethnic groups of our country. Our ethnic groups are little backwards since a long time ago and it is yet still little bit have in our society. My future plan is to contribute those people who are suffering from the infectious disease racial discrimination and want to bring out from that trench. I would like to provide good employment opportunity for these people for the financial support and stop going abroad for secular.

My struggle and achievement

  • I spent my childhood in poor family and remote area. 
  • I deliver my qualification till intermediate (+2) 
  • I came Pokhara in 2000 A.D. for job but it was too difficult find good job than I did lot struggle to make my carrier. 
  • I joined the tourism field since 2002 A.D. 
  • I worked as camping porter until 2007 A.D. after that I worked as assistant guide until 2011 A.D. 
  • I’m well trained and fully license holder from government in 2012 A.D. 
  • I’m well trained of first aid /mountaineering/ insurrectionary rescue/camping management and leadership. 
  • I’m fluent in English language. I have more than 15 years experience in this field. 
  • I can brief about Nepali culture, Mountain, Places and flora and fauna.
  • I’m fully registered by government and TAAN (trekking agencies association of Nepal)

Achievements and  Official Documents

our values:-

We're thankful to be born in the beautiful country

Why travel in nepal

• Nepal is richest countries in term of its bio diversity. 

• The highest mountain on the earth name Mt Everest 8848m with other 7 mountain over 8000m.

 • Nepal has top most trekking routes on the earth

 • Nepal is the birth place of lord Gautam Buddha the               founder of Buddhist philosophy

 • 11 of world’s 15 families of butterflies and 319 species of           exotic orchids. 

 •8% of world’s population of birds (more than 848 species)    one of the best destination of bird watching tour 

 •Richest country of flora and faun

 •Best climate of the world

 •Many culture, language and traditional lifestyle 


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